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goodbye Summerhill

November 30, 2010 2 comments

Today is moving day.  Since our son is almost 10 months old now, we’ve outgrown our one bedroom loft.  Sigh. I will miss its ‘city-living’ appeal and especially the exposed brick walls.  We are moving north in the city to a brand new two bedroom condo.  On the bright side, the new place is a blank canvas just waiting for me to be inspired. Stay tuned.  In the meantime, I’d like to say goodbye to my favourite neighbourhood haunts…


Goodbye century old houses and the tree-lined streets

Goodbye dog park and the Summerhill LCBO

Goodbye decor shops on Yonge

Goodbye Terroni

……Goodbye Summerhill….


About a year ago I found this limited edition print in a local gallery. This is the Summerhill subway station, circa 1978.  Knowing we’d eventually have to move from the neighbourhood, I decided we needed to own this print as a reminder that one day we will return (when we have at least 1.5mil+ to buy a place….one day!)  For the time being, this print will hang in the foyer of our condo.

Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg


a sweater on your floor

November 25, 2010 Leave a comment

How cozy are these rugs and poufs?  If I had one I would want to lay around on the floor all day long…

The Mangas collection is by famed Spanish designer and architect Patricia Urquiola.  Mangas (engl. SLEEVES) is based on a patchwork of different wool knits, to create a collection of various typologies with different shapes, going from Manga corta (short sleeve) to Manga de campana (bell-shaped sleeve). So cute, so warm, so cozy. So perfect for your cottage, or rustic loft, or just because.

All photos from GAN.


November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok, so I may be a few years behind on Pierre Yovanovich (he was nominated in the Top 100 Designers by Architectural Digest ) but I have just discovered him and I’m thrilled by his work.

Take this Paris apartment for example – loving the exposed natural beams, the organic contours, and the natural palette.


Take a few moments and enjoy more images from his website here.

*FYI: I found his website didn’t work when I used my regular browser, Mozilla Firefox. It was fine with Internet Explorer.

what is black and white and starts with a ‘p’?

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment

As a child, panda bears were my “favourite animal”. I had stuffed animals, posters, and books galore.  Remember when we used to write speeches in elementary school?  The only year I enjoyed doing that dreaded task was the year I wrote about pandas.  Many years later, they still top my list of fav animals.  What’s not to love?  Pandas are just so darn cute and [presumably] cuddly. And black and white – so chic!  Every time I see a fabulous panda print I ache to buy it, but at the risk of having a panda-filled home I haven’t indulged (yet).

Here are a couple panda prints I’ve been eying lately….

By Creative Thursday on Etsy

Avalisa wall art ( available through Modern Karibou ( in Canada

By Jessica Gonacha on Etsy

This last one isn’t a print but a letterpress card. How cute would this be for a baby card?

By Joie Studio on Etsy